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Benefits of Training

Benefits of Training

High Quality Conflict

Results seen by our clients:


Given that every situation we encounter is different, we can’t guarantee any specific outcomes.

There are results we’ve often seen at our past and current clients:

  •  Reduced frequency of destructive conflict

  •  Improved quality of problem identification and resolution—they make better decisions

  •  Substantively diminished grudges—reports of being at peace

  •  Increased happiness (which has been shown to increase productivity and performance)

  • Strengthened relationships—much higher levels of trust

  • Better able to handle life’s difficulties—and are more willing to take risks to improve life

  • Much less stress—improved mental and physical health

  • More ethical behavior

  • Sense that life is going right, they are going where they want to go with their life

  • More see work as a calling, not merely a job

  • Feel that they matter, that their lives have meaning




We were quite surprised to find that the impact of our training has as much impact on life at home

as it does at work.

All benefit from this training. Business results are clearly enhanced. Moreover, the people involved
benefit individually. They grow in a way that they likely would not have done without the training.

Many have said it is life changing.


Consider some comments we’ve heard:

  • This is the best group of managers/directors and staff that we’ve had ever.

  • People are moving in the same direction with a common purpose. We are a team. We achieve

positive results from difficult situations.

  • We effectively addressed very difficult “people” issues and have learned how to do so in the


  • We now focus more fully on the purpose of what we do. As a result, we find more meaning in

our work.

  • We now have productive conflict. We are better at having uncomfortable conversations. This

has improved our culture substantially. In the past, conflict wasn’t addressed. Now it is, and it

happens timely.

  • There still are some grudges but not like it was before

  • We better understand ourselves and our perceptions. We make fewer errors in how w think

  • about matters and, therefore, experience less distressing emotion.

  •  We are more aware of the need to step back and calm down before speaking. This has

 significantly helped our organization.

  •  We are more resilient; we are better able to bounce back from tough times.

  • We have opened lines of communication at all levels.

  •  Many of the conversations we have had influenced me at home with my family.

  • My marriage has improved significantly.


Wonderful Life Project, LLC specializes in client-centered training and development programs

focusing on how to live an exceptional life at both work and home. Over the past 20 years, our

training has undergone continuous improvements to keep pace with current research in fields such

has positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship to provide solutions to real-world

personal and business problems experienced by our clients. The Wonderful Life Project (WLP)

coaching and training programs yield dramatically improved lives for individuals and highly

desirable results for business.


Clients learn to better use wisdom-based skills to improve their perspectives in both areas resulting

in a more successful and enjoyable life. Our clients have developed better relationships with others,

become happier, more resilient, deal with stress better, resolve conflicts more effectively, put an end

to long-standing grudges, and get on a path to achieving a more fulfilling life.


We invite you to join us on the path to achieving a wonderful life.



It seems so simple but yet not, there is so much to be gained by these skills, there is something for everyone in the program to improve their
quality of life and the quality of life of those around them.   Lee has put together a truly remarkable program.  I am very grateful for what I have
gained for myself and others.  I will stress that you have to do the work but the results will come and the dividends are exponential.  I have shared
the program with my entire family--parents, siblings, spouse and child.  At home, we talk frequently about what has happened “good” in our lives,
we recognize (and count) our blessings, and we spend more true quality time together. John Lilly, Director of Operations,
Grand Island Independent

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