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Our story

In 2000, we started to work on a tremendous problem—we could not get enough employees. Resolution of that problem led us to so many discoveries about how to best manage an organization.


We learned there are so many problems with the world of work:

  • We are spending $300B on work-related stress each year.

  • Nearly 75% of employees are saying they want a different job.

  • Work at many places is so toxic that work is now the fifth leading cause of death.


We had to come up with answers. After some years of effort, we created the training of the Wonderful Life Project. The focus of our training is wisdom. This is not merely the teachings of the ancients. Wisdom is more about how to have a good life.


We’ve found that there are so many quite extraordinary benefits for managers using wisdom in their day-to-day practices. To our surprise, we also saw significant benefit for individuals. As we learn more about wisdom, our life outside of work improves.


Wonderful Life Project, LLC specializes in client-centered training and development programs focusing on how to live an exceptional life at both work and home. Over the past 20 years, our training has undergone continuous improvements to keep pace with current research in fields such as positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship. The goal is to provide solutions to real-world personal and business problems experienced by our clients. The Wonderful Life Project (WLP) coaching and training programs yield dramatically improved lives for individuals and highly desirable results for business.

Our clients have developed better relationships with others, become happier, more resilient, deal with stress better, resolve conflicts more effectively, put an end to long-standing grudges, and get on a path to achieving a more fulfilling life.

We invite you to join us on the path to achieving a wonderful life.

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