Training Program Overview

Wonderful Life Project, LLC provides ten (10) training programs that fall into three general modules. These training programs may be provided either online or face-to-face.

The training topics and key objectives are as follows:


Module 1: Be at peace--yet effectively stand up for what is important


Topic 1: High quality conflict
Participants learn:

  • Communication skills necessary for high quality conflict; emphasis is on listening skills and on identifying the motivational forces driving the conflict

  • Dynamics of conflict as well as a “roadmap” they might use to understand the process of conflict

  • Tools that can be used to enhance conflict (e.g., softening emotions, reframing)

  • How to evaluate the quality of a conflict and how to use past conflicts to improve future conflicts

Topic 2: Grudge busting
Participants learn:

  • The difference between forgiving and pardoning

  • The cause of conflict

  • How to make changes in thinking that will reduce conflict

  • How to reduce residual hard feelings and thereby reduce frequency and intensity of future conflict--simple changes can lead to a 50% reduction in conflict

  • Tools to use to forgive and to find a sense of peace


Module 2: Truly enjoy your life


Topic 3: Happiness
Participants learn:

  • What does and does not impact happiness (some real surprises)

  • Many ways to increase happiness, such as:

    • Making friends

    • Benevolence--the ultimate kindness

    • The power of counting your blessings

  • The role that “the pursuit of goodness” plays in enhancing our happiness

Topic 4: Trust
Participants learn:

  • The essential elements to being trustworthy

  • How to build trust, how to destroy trust, and how to rebuild trust

  • Relationships exist only to the extent that there is trust

  • Trust is an essential element of effective business

  • The critical role trust plays in marriage

  • Ways to substantially strengthen marriage

Topic 5: Resilience and hope
Participants learn:

  • The incredible importance of a positive emotion; the destructive capacity of a negative emotion

  • Every strength we have is based on resilience--no resilience, game is over

  • Errors that occur in our thinking produce our most intense negative emotions

  • Fixing errors in thinking is not especially difficult and has significant benefit

  • How to build hope

  • How to raise resilient children--the protective factors

Topic 6: Stress management, minimize the destruction 
Participants learn:

  • We are not built for the world we live in

  • We are experiencing a stress-induced health epidemic

  • Stress is our leading cause of poor health

  • Stress not only diminishes our health, it diminishes our peace of mind

  • Our children are struggling with stress

  • We can substantially change the amount of stress we experience--and do so with little effort


Module 3: Become exceptional


Topic 7: On being a good person
Participants learn:

  • We progress through stages as we become increasingly moral--and almost everyone stops somewhere along the way--most of us don’t reach levels of moral reasoning that are available to us

  • Many of our disagreements about what is “right” come from being at different levels of moral development

  • What science is saying constitutes “good”--and how being good substantially increased our happiness

  • Social psychological forces in our world lead us to engage in extremely bad behavior--and good people can very easily be led to engage in evil

Topic 8: Fulfillment 
Participants learn:

  • It appears that a great many come to the end of life with a sense of meaninglessness--their lives seem insignificant, they didn't matter

  • There are things we can do to reduce the likelihood that we will conclude our lives feeling irrelevant

  • The relationship between fulfillment and spirituality (not necessarily religion)

  • What can we do to achieve a state of fulfillment

  • How the field of economics has changed to reflect greater understanding of people--and that better reflects our desire to make a contribution 

  • Why so many employers have identified spirituality as the top “mega-trend”

  • Finding a calling at work--and meaningfulness

  • The powerful impact on business of understanding people and spirituality

  • What can we learn from spiritually exceptional people in our quest for fulfillment

Topic 9: Transformational change
Participants learn:

  • Research has shown most change efforts just don’t work

  • What the “masters” in history have shown to be the most effective approach to change

  • If we are to have a meaningful life, we must transform

  • How to make change that is transformational

  • How to overcome barriers to transformational change

Topic 10: Strategic plan for your life
Participants learn:

  • How to form a strategy for your life so that you can have a meaningful, fulfilling, WONDERFUL life

  • How to optimize the time you have left

  • How to avoid the “five regrets of the dying”

  • How to create a personal mission statement

  • How to face the end of rest of your life with anticipation, with hope, with some reasonable degree of delight